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Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Haymarket Opera Company will present the timeless myth of Diana and Actéon set by Marc-Antoine Charpentier, together with a pastorale by the same composer. “Le Jugement de Pan” is a singing contest between two talented shepherds with the half-goat, half human god Pan as the unlikely judge! The myth of the huntress Diana and her nymphs being spied upon in their bath by Actéon and his men is a classic tale of feminine mystery and power challenged by masculine ardor. This is baroque opera in all its visual, emotional, and aural glory. Dramatic music, evocative sets, stunning costumes, and gorgeous singing promise an evening you won’t want to miss.

Olof Lilja, as Actéon
Biraj Barkakaty, chasseur
Nathalie Colas, as Daphné
Margaret Fox as Junon
Corey Shotwell as Alcidon
Eric Miranda, as Pan
Chelsea Morris, as Diane
Alexandra Olsavsky, as Aréthuse
Kayleen Sanchez, chasseur
Angela Young Smucker, as Hyale

Craig Trompeter, Musical Director
Ellen Hargis, Stage Director
Sarah Edgar, Choreographer
Meriem Bahri, Costume Designer
David Mayernik, Set Designer
William C. Kirkham, Lighting Designer

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May 4th Vivaldi's Gloria
Alto Soloist

The Westchester Oratorio Society and Rebel Baroque Orchestra.
South Salem Presbyterian Church
111 Spring Street, South Salem, NY 10590
Admission: $20 General, $25 Door, $40/$50 Preferred

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May 27th - June 30th Professional Apprentice
Il Cuore Canta
Il Cuore Canta (The Heart Sings) is an annual workshop and ensemble project intended for young classical singers who wish for greater freedom of vocal expression, ease of vocal production, and depth of musical experience.

Il Cuore Canta is now in its third year. The teachers of Il Cuore Canta work with the Libero Canto Szamosi approach, a path that reveals surprising and inspiring possibilities of musical freedom and spontaneity to both singers and audiences.

Concerts are being held on:

Wednesday, June 25th at 7pm
Sunday, June 30th at 3pm

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November 17th Simonetta - A one act chamber opera
Music by Larry Lipkis
Libretto by Robert Block
Simonetta : Winnie Nieh
Pino : Biraj Barkakaty
Sandro: Chirstopher Preston Thompson
Savonarola : Brian Chu

8:00pm at Yeoria Studios
December 5th Christmas Concert
Church of the Guardian Angel
193 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY
December 10th Requiem for the 20th Century
The American Symphony Orchestra
Bard Festival Chorale
A memorial in music. Those lost in some of the greatest tragedies of the 1900s are paid tribute by composers who lived through them.

Ralph Vaughan Williams - Symphony No. 6
György Ligeti - Requiem (N.Y. Premiere of full piece, sung in Latin)
Alfred Schnittke - Nagasaki (U.S. Premiere, sung in Russian)
English translations will be provided in the concert program

Leon Botstein, conductor
Sara Murphy, mezzo-soprano
Jennifer Zetlan, soprano
Bard Festival Chorale

Conductor's Notes Q&A at 7:00pm
Concert 8:00pm - 10:10pm
Carnegie Hall (Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage)

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